Feb 16, 2012

Electronic BAföG application procedure will be introduced at the CeBIT

Project partners show fully electronic processing in live demonstration at the trade fair

In conjunction with the Datenzentrale Baden-Württemberg, OpenLimit demonstrates the new BAföG (German Federal Law on Support in Education) application procedure in a live presentation for the first time at the booth of the Federal Commissioner for Information Technology (Hall 7, Booth B40.) The pilot project in Baden-Württemberg, which will be available to all federal states in the future, is the result of the development cooperation between the Datenzentrale Baden-Württemberg, CIT GmbH, Fujitsu Technology Solution GmbH, KDRS and OpenLimit. „Our security technologies provide a basis with which the fully electronic processing of special applications in the public administration will be realized,” said Dirk Arendt, Head of Corporate Communications at OpenLimit. „Especially in bulk processes, there are enormous savings potentials thanks to shorter handling time and the complete absence of additional paper-based archive,” said Arendt.

Forum „Kommune Innovativ” with OpenLimit
The new BAföG application procedure will be generated in a fully electronic modus with the help of the applied OpenLimit technologies. The combination between OpenLimit eID-Server and the new ID Card guarantees the secure authentication of the applicant. After an application has been processed by the competent public authority, the long-term data archiving with preserved evidential value on the basis of Fujitsu SecDocs technology will be ensured. This also initializes a later required data access to the long-term storage, irrespective of future special procedures and IT systems. In the forum „KOMmune INNovativ” on March 8, at 2.30 p.m. Dirk Arendt will explain both components of the electronic application procedure to all interested visitors.

Find out more about OpenLimit at the CeBIT 2012 at www.openlimit.com/cebit.

Electronic BAföG application procedure will be introduced at the CeBIT