Feb 28, 2012

AusweisApp for Mac OS

Multi-platform online authentication now possible

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) today published the first version of AusweisApp for Apple operating systems. The software for the German identity card is now available for download for Mac OS X Snow Leopard from the version 10.6 as well as for OS X Lion. „The AusweisApp currently runs with all common operating systems. All holders of the new ID card and the electronic residence permit can identify themselves on the Internet, independently from platforms,“ says Dirk Arendt, Head of Corporate Communications at OpenLimit. „This is a great signal for all service providers in the economy and public administration. They now can address large user groups by advertizing reliable business processes on the Internet with the use of the new ID card.”

More than 10 million new ID cards issued
In Germany the new identity card exists since November 1st, 2010. Until now more than 10 million new ID cards have been issued. The AusweisApp is the application software for the new German ID card. It enables the card holder to comfortably identify himself via the Internet on his home computer. In addition to the AusweisApp, OpenLimit has also developed the related server component eID-Server.

Download AusweisApp on the official portal of the BSI www.ausweisapp.bund.de.

AusweisApp for Mac OS