OpenLimit at the “Effizienter Staat” 2010

The 13th German administration congress „Effizienter Staat” takes place in the dbb forum berlin from April 27th to 28th, 2010. This year´s theme " – e-Identity & federal e-Government" focuses on the fu-ture of modern administrative processes. The introduction of the new identity card from November 1st, plays therefore a central role. It is not by chance that the Republic of Austria as partner country gives the congress effective support for the first time. With the citizen card, Austria has an important key available for new e-Government proposals of the administration and web services of the economy.

The Bürgerclient as the key for modern administrative processes
At this year´s “Effizienter Staat,” OpenLimit demonstrates the Bürgerclient for the new identity card. The Swiss company has developed the Bürgerclient as subcontractor of Siemens IT Solutions and Services, which as general contractor of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), are responsible for the entire architecture of the new authentication solutions. The software enables the secure communication between card holders and online service providers and can also be used with other electronic identity cards such as the health professional card or the electronic health card. At the „Effizienter Staat, “ visitors can learn more about the advantages of the new identity card just before its introduction in November. They can experience how easy it is to identify themselves with the new ID card on the internet and why the Bürgerclient contributes to more data protection and data security.

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We are looking forward to seeing you at the „Effizienter Staat“!