Marc Gurov

Marc Gurov, CEO & CFO

Marc J. Gurov was born in Germany in 1973 and is a US and Swiss national. He has held various positions within the OpenLimit Group since 2003. Mr. Gurov attended school in Germany and the United States. He then studied International Business at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A. After graduating, Mr. Gurov worked in the United States for various companies on a freelance basis with the main focus being on marketing and consulting. Since 2009 he has been CEO of the OpenLimit Group, as well as functioning as CFO since mid-2015.

Maik Pogoda

Maik Pogoda, COO

Mike Pogoda was born in Germany in 1965 and is a German national. He has been a member of the OpenLimit Management Board since April 2014 and, since mid-2015, is Chief Operating Officer for the company. After completing his studies in communications engineering, he worked for many years with Deutsche Telekom and the Global Telesystem Group as a Key Account Manager and Project Manager, followed by work with, amongst other firms, British Telecom, D-Trust and the German Federal Printing Office, where he was Managing Director and Vice-President International Sales. More recently, in his role as Vice-President Global Programs and Services with the American company HID Global Corporation, Mr. Pogoda managed the development and implementation of a strategy for the positioning of HID in the eID/government segment as well as being Executive Director at RWMP Innovations GmbH & Co., where he managed the brief for restructuring the Hungarian Federal Printing Office (HBPC).


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