Common PKI

International standards for public key infrastructures
The Common PKI Specification describes a profile of internationally widespread and acknowledged standards for electronic signatures, encryption and public key infrastructures. The specification (last published version 2.0 from 20.01.20009) was jointly passed by T7 and TeleTrusT in October 2001. As both signature application providers and trust centre operators were involved in drafting the specification, it is supported by the leading German product developers and solution providers for e-business and e-government.

Consortium developed Compliance Label
T7 e.V. is a consortium of trust centre operators and certification service providers. Its members issue chip cards and certificates, which are a prerequisite for certified electronic signatures in compliance with the German Signature Act. The members of T7 are D-Trust GmbH, DATEV eG, Deutsche Post Com GmbH, Deutscher Sparkassenverlag, Deutsche Telekom AG and TC Trustcenter GmbH.

A Compliance Label has been developed that is awarded by approved test laboratories to products that have been certified as complying with the specification for certain classes of functionality. The respective requirements are described in the Compliance Criteria.

Rapid availability of interoperable security products
The specification takes into consideration all business-relevant electronic signatures through to the certified electronic signature with which the formalities anchored in civil and administrative law can be satisfied. The specification also contains security functions for secure e-mail with different levels of security and compatibility with internationally accepted standards. This makes possible the rapid availability of interoperable security products at both certification service provider and user level (client side).

The technology developed by OpenLimit Holding AG (OpenLimit), OpenLimit SignCubes Basis Components 2.1, v2.1.1.1, is the first signature software to be awarded the Common PKI seal of approval for the "Document Signing Client" and "SigG Profile Compliant Document-Signing Client" product classes, together with the endorsement "Processing of attribute certificates", by the Common PKI Board.

The components were analysed against internationally recognised standards, a testament to the technical interoperability of the OpenLimit products in international operation.

Common PKI

Relevance for users

  • OpenLimit software functions properly with signature cards of the biggest German trust centers.
  • Signatures created with OpenLimit meet international standards concerning electronic signatures, encryption and public key infrastructures.